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Order of Service - 27 September 2020

Sunday Eucharist prayers, readings and reflections are available below.


"Let us with a gladsome mind,

Praise the Lord, for he is kind:

For his mercies ay endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure."


Eternal God, you crown the year with your goodness and you give us the fruits of the earth in their season: grant that we may use them to your glory, for the relief of those in need and for our own well-being; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Deuteronomy 26:8-11, Luke 12:16-31.


Lord give us grateful hearts for the good things we have received and for the joy of sharing them with others.

Look with compassion on the poor and hungry, grant them relief in their need.

Have mercy on the rich who have become complacent for themselves and indifferent to others.

We pray for the sick and especially for Mary Maxwell, Paul Evans, Adrian Lewis and Gerald Lewis.

Grant to the dead rest and peace in the company of all the faithful.


Most years the chancel of Christ Church is filled by a great variety of food, of Harvest gifts donated by our school children and members of the congregation. Often the food comes in boxes. I think the children enjoy decorating them and assembling the food. Alas, this year things are different and tinned food is the order of the day.

When I read the account of the creation in Genesis, a wonderful mythological story full of timeless truths about God and his handiwork, I often think how much God must have enjoyed doing it all, this bringing of the world into being, looking at it teeming with birds, fish and animals, with flowers and trees. The trees we are told in Genesis were created all producing fruit. He must have been especially pleased with the creation of human beings, the one creature who could understand the magnitude of what he had done, the one creature capable of enjoying it all. And of course the one creature capable of spoiling and destroying it!

Harvest Thanksgiving is really all about God's generosity, marking the sheer generosity of God in his creation. When we see someone doing something great and wonderful we should want to imitate them. So it is a time for us to be generous too. All this food will go to the Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen who perhaps need it more than ever this year as they seek to feed the hungry.

What we give is of course just a tiny pebble thrown into the vast ocean of human need. But our gifts and our giving serve to remind us of God's generosity and of our own ability to imitate him. We should perhaps see this giving and imitating as symbolic, sacramental almost. And of all people we Christians should know the power of sacraments.

Moses said, "Set the basket down in the Lord's presence and worship there. Be grateful for the good things that the Lord your God has given you and your family; and let the Levites and the foreigners who live among you join in the celebration."

Trinity XVI